This is about Jesus – who he is, what he did, what he taught and why he came. It’s a presentation of the good news of Jesus – that there is hope for new life for each one of us, because of him.

In these lessons we will look at three things:

  1. Three steps to receiving the new life that Jesus gives (lessons 1-3)
  2. Nine characteristics of what this new life looks like (lessons 4-12)
  3. And two symbols of new life in Jesus (lessons 13-14)

We will learn this gospel from Jesus himself, from the the first three gospels – Matthew, Mark and Luke (and the first part of the book of Acts). There are 14 lessons in all (see the the menu to the right).

[All Scripture references come from the English Standard Version (ESV) unless otherwise noted.]

[Click here for a PDF version of  New Life in Jesus – A Catechism]

[This material may be shared with others without cost. It may be emailed or printed in its entirety or in part, but may not be altered.]

William Higgins – 2009


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